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◎In its business philosophy, ASEM has been clearly exposed to the attention to the development of training. Enterprise development takes talent as its most important fundamental, The growth of employees is the foundation for the development of the company,Only the growing staff can grow companies.

◎Education and training system map
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◎Following the requirements of ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 training quality management system, the training policy and objectives are combined with the strategic objectives of the company. The education and training units undertake the business philosophy, quality policy and business objectives of the company, confirm the training needs and plan various training courses, so that Let the knowledge continue to be refined and inherit, the solid professional work skills, and then change the work behavior, train the learning strain ability, improve the organizational learning benefit, create the learning organization culture, continuously improve the depth and connotation, and achieve the organizational performance goal.

◎ASEM received the occupational health and safety management system certification in 2013.


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Recruitment Informationhigh-end electronic chemicals|advanced packaging

ASEM is based on people oriented and customer focused service concept,committed to the development, manufacture and sale of high-end electronic chemicals.

ASEM has advanced technology level and complete equipment support. What you look forward to most now is your entry. Please send your resume to our company:ouyangj@asem.cn gaoqx@asem.cn guqy@asem.cn