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All the way,be consistent from beginning to end

Jiangsu Aisen semiconductor material Co.Ltd it is a high-tech enterprise with more than ten years of r&d, manufacturing and sales of high-end electronic chemicals.
The company provides sustainable high-end electronic chemicals for wafer manufacturing, semiconductor packaging, display panels and other applications. Products include electroplating solution, photoresist and related reagents.At present, the company is in a leading position in the field of semiconductor materials industry in China. The products of the company belong to the key support areas of the national industrial four base development and 13 advanced manufacturing clusters in Jiangsu Province. The company is a postdoctoral innovation practice base sponsored by Jiangsu province, provincial enterprise technology center, provincial engineering technology research center, and has won the first batch of national key little Giant cultivation enterprises in 2021.The company has established industry-university-research cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Suzhou University and Beijing Institute of Technology, and has carried out technical research on the raw materials such as photoresist and resin in the semiconductor field. The company has 150 employees and an elite RESEARCH and development team led by overseas doctors and postdoctoral fellows. Owing a first-class elite technical team, It has a R & D team with Dr.returnees and post doctoral leaders,and has a sales and technical team comprised of top executives from international well-known companies,such as Dow chemistry,Atotech, and Enthone chemistry. The team has international, specialized and localized advantages. Corporate clients include smics、BOE、Hua Hong Semiconductor 、JCET Group、Tongfu Microelectronics 、 Huatian Technology 、Ase、AT&SWell-known enterprises in the industry.

high-end electronic chemicals|advanced packaging


ASEM factory:

KunShan factory

high-end electronic chemicals|advanced packaging

NanTong factory

high-end electronic chemicals|advanced packaging


Many Honours Professional certification

The company is a council member of China Semiconductor Association, strategic Alliance of technology innovation of INTEGRATED circuit material industry, Strategic alliance of technology innovation of National integrated circuit packaging and testing industry chain, and Jiangsu Semiconductor Industry Association. The company has a number of invention patents, a number of products have been rated as high-tech products. The company has received the following honors:
1. Jiangsu Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base;
2. The first batch of national key specialized special "Little Giant" enterprises;
3. National Integrated Circuit Packaging and testing Industry Chain Technology Innovation Award achievement Award;
4. The fourth IC Unicorn Enterprise in 2020;
5. The 12th (2017) and 13th (2018) China Semiconductor Innovative Products and Technology Award;
6. Kunshan City 2018 Top 10 Innovative Private Enterprises;
7. Suzhou Gazelle storage enterprise;
8. "Science and Technology Entrepreneur of Jiangsu Province" unit;
9. Jiangsu Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise;
10. Jiangsu "Provincial Entrepreneurship and Innovation" Talent Unit;
11. "Gusu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Talent" unit;


Multiple industry certifications

Aisen Semiconductor kunshan factory has a standardized chemical plant and purification workshop for the production of high purity chemicals. The new factory of 20,000 square meters has been completed and put into trial operation in 2021. Wafer, photoresist for OLED and supporting high purity chemicals will be produced at the new plant. Certifications earned include the quality system certification, environmental system certification, occupational health and safety system certification; Safety production license, dangerous chemicals business license and other management certification.


To be the first class electronic chemical provider

ASEM team has always adhered to the value concept of "Integrity,specialty,Innovation,Share,inherit,efficiency". Based on the mainland of China, International giants in the field of electronic chemicals as a standard, Working hard and struggling untiringly to build ASEM as the first class electronic chemical provider,and become the industry customers.

The business philosophy of ASEM's sustainable development:

high-end electronic chemicals|advanced packaging













ASEM Culture:


ASEM Vision:

To be the first class electronic chemical provider!

ASEM Mission:

To create new value for the society, To provide better products and services for customers in the electronic industry.


ASEM Core Value:

Quality absoluteness

Quality stability is the life of ASEM. We have established a strict quality control system from customer demand, product development, supply chain,manufacture process to post sales service.

Service comprehensiveness

We have a special technical service team to provide swift, standardized, enthusiastic technical service, and also provide strong after-sale technical support and training for customers.